We prepare and help you file provisional, utility, and design patents to help you build an IP portfolio with real market value. We excel at identifying and protecting our clients’ innovations. We handle all aspects surrounding a patent’s lifecycle including: conducting

patentability analyses; preparing and prosecuting U.S. and foreign patent applications; managing patent portfolios and technology transfers; and enforcement.

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Your market reputation and image are important. We help protect your brand through strategic trademark registration. We have significant experience in counseling our clients about trademark matters, and developing cost-effective strategies to identify and protect our clients’ rights. We are skilled in handling all aspects of trademark law, including conducting trademark searches and

clearances, prosecuting applications, providing opinions, resolving domain name disputes, seizing counterfeit goods, handling a variety of opposition and cancellation proceedings through the TTAB, and litigating trademark matters, along with negotiating co-existence and licensing agreements.

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We are well-versed in copyright law. In addition to our experience in preparing and filing copyright applications in the U.S. and abroad, we are experts in handling a wide range of copyright issues, including licensing, assignment, and enforcement of our clients’ copyright

rights, privacy policies and other website-related issues, as well as defending against allegations of infringement of third party’s rights.

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Litigation and Enforcement

Once we procure intellectual property rights for our clients, we work with them to maximize the value of those rights. Whether through brute force such as litigation, or through fluid negotiations to procure a licensing deal, our team can shepherd your intellectual property to

realize your business goals. Simply put, we don’t just obtain a patent or a trademark for you; we make it work for you.

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